Albert Einstein's Outrageous Legacy

GENINT 711.379

Osher (50+). In this course, we explore the genius of Albert Einstein.


About this course:

Albert Einstein was an iconic and heroic figure during his lifetime, but his celebrity today grows seemingly at the speed of light; he remains the most widely-known and admired scientist in the world. His theories and predictions, many unable to be confirmed while he was alive, continue to be validated to this day as technology catches up with his ideas. His astounding declaration that time is relative brought physics into the modern world, changed how time and space are viewed, and generated endless models and dramatically new approaches to how it affects us all. In this course, we investigate concepts including quantum entanglement – “spooky action at a distance;” gravitational waves; how the discovery of black holes was made possible by his theories, and more. Join us to explore the legacy of the man who influenced virtually all modern physics. No background in science is required: only curiosity and a desire to stimulate your mind, as we examine and translate serious ideas into fun and accessible concepts.

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