Andres Segovia and the Classical Guitar

GENINT 721.615

Osher (50+). In this course, we explore the life and legacy of Andres Segovia.


About this course:

Hailed as one of the greatest classical guitarists of all time, Andres Segovia captivated audiences through his expressive and technical virtuosity for more than 60 years. He was the most important force in reestablishing the guitar as a legitimate concert instrument in the twentieth century and paved the way for other preeminent guitarists like Julian Bream, John Williams, David Russell, and Christopher Parkening, to name a few. He was also instrumental in the resurgence and commissioning of new works for the guitar, thus starting a renaissance and revival for the interest in guitar compositions. To add to this, his recordings have become a benchmark for all aspiring classical guitarists. In this course, we explore the life, influence, and legacy of Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia and the multifaceted ways in which he, quite single-handedly, changed the course of the classical guitar forever.

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