Myths and Life in the Soviet Union

GENINT 731.355

Osher (50+). This course explores how Soviet leaders used propaganda to silence Russia's past and forge new memories.


About this course:

Tsarist Russia's Nicholas II and his predecessors are renowned in history for their despotic style of rule. After the Bolsheviks took control in October 1917, Soviet leaders exercised a level of power unprecedented not just for Russia but for the world. They used history and propaganda as their most effective weapons for totalitarian rule. So effective was this propaganda that the Soviet people were completely convinced that the USSR was the most powerful country in the world. This course traces the development of the Soviet state, the creation of a new Soviet persona, and the myths created by the Soviet government. Through the exploration of this authoritarian world, we discover why Russia's sputnik generation (peers of the U.S. baby boomers) truly believed that by 1980, the USSR would achieve communism. This survey is not only an eye-opening account of everyday life in the Soviet Union but provides a most unique insight into what it felt like to be a Soviet citizen.

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