Tibetan Book of the Dead-The End Game

GENINT 711.350

Osher (50+). In this course, we examine and discuss The Tibetan Book of the Dead.


About this course:

For those of us of a certain age and ilk, Evans-Wentz’s The Tibetan Book of the Dead adorned our dorm-room shelf of erudite book spines with very few having actually read it; of those who did, virtually none understanding it. As a singular teaching of what is variously called Tibetan, Tantric, or Esoteric Buddhism, the source material of Wentz’s translation stands as a profound and unparalleled (if somewhat ineffable) treatise and guidebook on the dying, death, and rebirth processes, and offers an enticing shortcut to nirvana. In this course, we look into the composition and discovery of the underlying Bardo Thödol, the spiritual framework in which it emerged, and its remarkably detailed and colorful description of the transformative journey that awaits our “subtle consciousness riding on a subtle wind in the between.” Note: An optional on-topic video will be screened from 12-12:30pm.

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