RN First Assistant

NURSG X 458.1

9.00 units

Reg. # Status Location Start Date Qtr/Yr Fee
T8393W Not Available SP 09 $1,500 Notify Me

The RN First Assistant (RNFA) Program consists of 52 hours of lecture and laboratory plus a required independent preceptorship. Practicing surgeons, clinical professionals, and perioperative nurse specialists provide participants with the knowledge and techniques essential for assuming the responsibilities of the RNFA. The RNFA's role is diverse, involving closed relationships with both surgeon and patient. Students receive a thorough grounding in principles and learn the intricate skills necessary to assume responsibilities in scrubbing, draping, retracting, exposing, clamping, ligating, and suturing. Topics include introduction to the RNFA role, implementation of standardized procedures, hemostasis, wound healing and closure, surgical emergencies, general surgery, urologic surgery, gynecologic surgery, anesthesia, and pharmacology. Required preceptorship: Preceptorships are arranged by the participants and vary in length dependent upon individual learning needs; requirements are reviewed during the first class. Students must successfully complete the preceptorship before receiving the certificate of completion.For more information go to the RN First Assistant Program Web Site

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Textbooks are either required or optional. For information on purchasing, please call (310) 825-7093.

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