Graphic Novels 101: Using Graphic Literature to Master Standards in the Secondary English and Social Science Classroom (Online)

EDUC X 330.331

3.00 units

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V7306W Closed online 7/16/2010 SU 10 $425 Notify Me

Are you interested in diversifying your core content or making your literature studies more accessible to all learners, including your ELLs and struggling readers? Would you like to incorporate graphic novels but are unsure about which ones to use or how to use them? This course is specifically designed to introduce you to the world of award-winning graphic novel literature; the growing body of research that supports their use; and a battery of teaching strategies to help you get into, through, and beyond the graphic novels themselves. Participants craft their own ready-to-implement unit based on a graphic novel of their choice. Award-winning novels to be studied (in whole or part) include Maus, Persepolis, American Born Chinese, and Barefoot Gen, among others. For technical requirements click here.

Enrollment limited; early enrollment advised. Credit students must log on to the course by the first week of class and fully participate in all sessions as outlined in the course syllabus.

July 16 - August 20

No refund after Jul 9.

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