The Solar Energy Solution: Harnessing Solar Power in the Home and Office

ENGNR X 425.10

4.00 units

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This course helps individuals or organizations augment their home and/or business power requirements with solar energy. Gain a general overview of the knowledge to choose and ultimately design an appropriate system. Students discuss the various forms of solar energy with a specific emphasis on solar electricity (i.e., how electricity can be generated, stored and utilized in the home and workplace through solar energy). Installation techniques, methods of monitoring systems performance, and proper maintenance procedures are also discussed. This class is primarily for anyone interested and concerned about the financial, environmental, and self-sufficient aspects of solar energy. While not a highly technical course, a basic electrical/mechanical educational background is helpful due to the technology covered in the class. Home and business owners, contractors, sales people, entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities, and those who have a keen interest in solar technology should derive significant benefits from participating in this course. For technical requirements click here.

Elective course in Construction Management, Recycling and Solid Waste Management, and Sustainability Certificates.

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