Interior Architecture Studio I

ART X 433

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248134W Restricted WestwoodWestwood: 320 1010 Westwood Center 1010 Westwood Blvd.
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Permission to enroll required. Further information will be displayed in the Shopping Cart. In this first in a series of studio courses, students are given the opportunity to apply fundamental design principles to the layout of interior spaces. Starting with the development of a design concept, students learn how to develop a space while incorporating the elements of ergonomics and human factors. Students also explore methods of analyzing a client's program, beginning with the bubble diagram, the block plan, and the adjacency requirements. Through a series of assignments, students become familiar with current ADA codes and clearance requirements as well as the required circulation and exit paths for a variety of building types.

Prerequisite: All Level 1 courses in the Certificate in Interior Design (see curriculum sequence) or consent of program advisor.

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