Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Kinetics, and Organic Chemistry


4.00 units

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265689W Open UCLAUCLA: 1200B Kinsey Pavilion
6/25/2016 SU 16 $1,320 Add to Cart

This course covers phase changes; thermochemistry; first, second, and third laws of thermodynamics; free energy changes; electrochemistry and its role as energy source; chemical kinetics, including catalysis, reaction mechanisms, and enzymes; coordination compounds; general classes and naming of organic molecules; structure, conformations, and relative energies of organic molecules; application of thermodynamics and kinetics to organic and biochemical reactions; and use of molecular modeling software to illustrate molecular structures and their relative energies.

Prerequisite: XL 14A Atomic and Molecular Structure, Equilibria, Acids, and Bases and Mathematics XL 3A Calculus for Life Sciences Students or XL 31A Differential and Integral Calculus, with a grade of "C-" or better.

Fulfills in part the UCLA General Education requirement for Physical Sciences.

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