Writing Your First Screenplay

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Learning to write a screenplay is a process, and to do it well can take years of practice. This workshop offers 2 tried-and-true ways to make a lot of progress in a short period of time as you: 1) learn how to write a strong outline and 2) get personalized feedback on your work. A series of writing exercises and assignments help you master the basics of screenwriting, especially the all-important screenplay structure, while also exploring scene development, characterization, and dialogue. Boil down your story into a 1-sentence logline and then expand that into a complete outline for a feature-length script. With a solid, entertaining outline in hand, you leave the workshop ready to conceptualize and begin work on your own script beyond the classroom.

Course may be taken as a certificate core requirement.

Enrollment limited to 16 students. Logistical information for this course will be provided via email. Please provide your email address when you register.

Westwood: 407 1010 Westwood Center
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 10am-6pm,
February 7 - 10

4 meetings total

No refund after Jan 7.

This course does not require textbooks.

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