Creating Compelling Characters

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Movies that endure invariably feature great characters whose stories are so memorable that they capture the hearts and inspire the imaginations of millions of people. To create such characters, a screenwriter seeks answers to certain key questions: What do your characters want, what's in their way, and why should we care about whether or not they get it? What makes them intriguing, surprising, unique? What's their journey about, and what does it mean to us? Whether your story exists as a notion or a draft-in-progress, through film study, discussion, and writing exercises, you become thoroughly familiar with the art and craft of characterization. Learn how strong character choices affect concept, plot, structure, theme, and dialogue. While our specific goal is to complete an outline of your story from your primary protagonist's point of view, you leave the course with an enriched understanding of what makes a character compelling, and a practical toolkit to help you put this knowledge to work in all your projects.

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