Novel Writing II: Writing a Novel the Professional Way Workshop (Online)


3.00 units

Reg. # Status Location Start Date Qtr/Yr Fee
Y8362W Closed online 1/23/2013 WI 13 $579 Notify Me

This workshop helps you develop your long-form fiction project from the idea stage to the writing/planning stage. With an emphasis on finding your book through organically exploring voice, viewpoint, characterization, and different approaches to structure, course assignments include writing scenes using characters and situations from the projected novel and discussion of your in-progress work. Mini-lectures on the art of the novel, intuitive creative process, and conventional vs. non-conventional approaches to novel structure also are covered. Your goal is to complete 50 well-crafted pages of a novel. For technical requirements click here.

Prerequisite: X 403A Introduction to Fiction Writing and X 462.71 Novel Writing I: Writing the First Novel or departmental approval.

Enrollment limited to 15 students.

January 23 - March 27

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