Cracking the Code: How to Become a Professional Screenwriter in Hollywood

FILMTV X 488.2

2.00 units

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Z0530W Closed UCLAUCLA: 2278 School of Public Affairs Bldg.
4/27/2013 SP 13 $375 Notify Me

This course prepares you to have a sustainable screenwriting career by learning how to crack the code of Hollywood. You learn how to position yourself with a strong, identifiable screenplay portfolio, and look at the kind of negative feedback about Hollywood that can stop a new writer in his tracks. You find out what what's true, what's false, and what's in-between, so you can use that inside knowledge to your advantage. Visualizing Hollywood as a competitive contact sport, with rules, levels, points, and goals, you are able to see yourself as a defined player who is connected to other players, including agents, managers, producers, fellow artists, and media executive buyers. Through self-analysis of your writing skills, you are able to identify yourself with a particular genre, understanding that genre commitment is a wise expression of professional expertise. Every class meeting delves into what an agent actually does and that examination clearly exposes how the entertainment industry code works. By the end of the course, you will have re-wired your mental state about Hollywood as well as about your own work, resulting in a much greater chance of success. Class participation in this workshop is key.

Prerequisite: 1 original feature-length screenplay.

Enrollment limited to 20 students. Internet access required to retrieve course materials.

UCLA: 2278 School of Public Affairs Bldg.
Saturday, 10am-1pm,
April 27 - June 1

UCLA: 2278 School of Public Affairs Bldg.
Saturday, 10am-1pm,
June 15

6 meetings total

(no mtg 5/25)

No refund after Apr 26.

This course does not require textbooks.

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