Microwave Antenna Measurements

ENGNR 881.239

2.40 CEU

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Y1867W Not Available WestwoodWestwood: G33W UCLA Extension Bldg. 10995 Le Conte Ave.
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This course is an intensive study of all aspects of the measurement of microwave antenna characteristics. Techniques for the determination of antenna radiation patterns, directivity, gain, polarization, and impedance are presented. The design, use, and evaluation of all capabilities used for antenna measurements are addressed, including outdoor ranges, compact ranges, anechoic chambers, and all near-field scanning methods in current use. The concepts are illustrated by experimental results obtained from measured data. The course covers antenna measurements in the microwave and millimeter-wave frequency ranges and the instrumentation required for these measurements. Additional specialized topics include phased-array testing and alignment, antenna diagnostic methods, synthetic aperture techniques, measurements of wireless antennas, electromagnetic interference/compatibility issues, and radome testing. Participants also tour the UCLA Antenna Range and view an example of a near-field scanning facility covered in the course. The course is intended for engineers, scientists, engineering managers, and practicing antenna measurement technicians who need to quickly and thoroughly understand the principles of state-of-the-art antenna measurement techniques. The lecturers are recognized experts in antenna measurement who have made important contributions to the development of modern antenna measurement techniques. Lectures are derived from their experience in industrial, academic, and government settings. This is the 43rd anniversary of the course, which had been presented for many years at CSU Northridge, under the enduring leadership of the late Professor Edmond Gillespie. For a complete course description visit the Short Courses website.

Westwood: G33W UCLA Extension Bldg.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 8am-5pm,
May 15 - 18

4 meetings total

No refund after May 4, 2012; however, course fee (less $30 administrative fee) may be applied toward another short course enrollment.

This course does not require textbooks.

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