Rachel Winston

As a faculty member for the UCLA Extension Program, Rachel Winston is committed to helping each student gain a broader perspective of college counseling.

Rachel Winston heads a counseling practice in Irvine, CA where she has served as a professional advisor and coach to students and their families for twenty-five years. Her specialties are athletic admits and undergraduate/graduate admissions advising. She mentors counselors through IECA and the UCLA counseling practicum and advises independent counselors in developing their practice by sharing business and counseling methods.

Rachel served as the Academic Senate President at Cerro Coso College in Ridgecrest, California, where she is a tenured Mathematics Professor and was selected as Faculty Member of the Year. In May 2009, she was honored by Honorable Kevin McCarthy for her commitment to the Kern Community College District (KCCD). She is also a recent graduate of the KCCD Leadership Academy and has served as the Chairman of the Basic Skills Committee and the Coordinator of the Learning Assistance Center.

On the statewide level, Rachel has been an active member of the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges where she has served on their Board of Governors and the following committees: Executive, Political Action (Vice President), Awards and Scholarship, Membership, Professional Development, and Communications. She completed the Asilomar Women’s Leadership Program in Pacific Grove, California, and Leadership Tomorrow in Newport Beach, California. She has numerous published articles, including Open Source Content, Swirling, the Leadership Crisis, Podcasting and Vodcasting, Diversity, the Digital Divide, and Basic Skills.

Rachel began working with students at Gallaudet College in Washington, D.C. in the 1970’s where she started college at the age of fourteen and earned a certificate in Interpreting for the Deaf in 1977. She has worked on Capitol Hill and with the White House in the 1980’s, then as a Quality Control Chemist. She has certificates in College Counseling and Online Teaching through multiple institutions. She has taught distance education courses including online classes, telecourses, live interactive satellite, television modules, and her lectures are available online.

Rachel Winston is married to Bob Helmer with whom she has shared fourteen years of peace, spiritual unity, and world travel. Rachel is a lifetime member of Mensa, an avid ballroom dancer, and Scrabble player.

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