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Archaeology Certificate


Estimated Tuition Candidacy Fees Action
$4,000.00 $75.00
This program provides academic preparation and technical skills to students with no formal training in archaeology but who possess a serious interest in the field. The flexible curriculum enables participants to tailor a program that matches individual interests, such as participating in research projects in a lab or in the field, working as paid para-professionals, or simply enjoying the company of people dedicated to archaeology.

The certificate is awarded upon completion of a total of nine four unit-courses. These must include one field methods course; one laboratory course; four topical courses, including one Old World and one New World course; and the Final Research Project (X 498). One of the remaining two electives may comprise a combination of designated one-day programs, short courses, and travel study. Not all applicable courses are listed below; please refer to the UCLA Extension quarterly catalog for courses that qualify. Credit for a maximum of two courses of comparable content and level may be transferred from other accredited institutions for the certificate.

Candidates are expected to complete all courses within three years.
Admission Requirements:

Applicants must be able to demonstrate ability to perform at upper division college or university level. Normally, submitting a list of relevant courses completed and a brief statement of purpose is sufficient demonstration. Other evidence (e.g., college transcripts or letters of recommendation) will be considered when appropriate. Note: Completion of the UCLA Extension course Archaeology: An Introduction (Anthropology XL 8) or its equivalent is strongly recommended before admission to the program.


  • SU=Summer
  • FA=Fall
  • WI=Winter
  • SP=Spring
Use the grid displayed below to check for typical availability.
Required  Units Typical Availability
ARCLGY X 498 FINAL RESEARCH: Special Studies in Archaeology 4.00
Research Methods and Laboratory Techniques (1 course from the following list) Units Typical Availability
ANTHRO XL 117 Archaeological Materials Analysis: Laboratory Methods 4.00
ANTHRO XL 117P Selected Laboratory Topics in Archaeology 4.00
ARCLGY X 450B Ceramic Analysis 4.00
ARCLGY X 450G Archaeological Illustration 4.00
ARCLGY X 450M Public Archaeology 4.00
ARCLGY X 450N Plants in Prehistory: Paleoethnobotany 4.00
ARCLGY X 450P Rock Art Analysis 4.00
ARCLGY X 450S Archaeological Survey and Site Recording 2.50
Field Methods (1 course from the following list) Units Typical Availability
ANTHRO XL 115P Archaeological Field Training 4.00
ARCLGY X 460 Field Methods in Archaeology 4.00
General Topics (1 course from the following list) Units Typical Availability
ANTHRO XL 112 Old Stone Age Archaeology 4.00
ANTHRO XL C115R Strategy of Archaeology 4.00
ANTHRO XL 121B The Australopithecines 4.00
ANTHRO XL 121C Evolution of the Genus Homo 4.00
ANTHRO XL 124 Evolution and Biology of Human Behavior 4.00
ANTHRO XL 124P Evolution of Human Sexual Behavior 4.00
ANTHRO XL 183 History of Archaeology 4.00
New World Topics (1 course from the following list) Units Typical Availability
ANTHRO XL 113P Archaeology of North America 4.00
ANTHRO XL 113Q Prehistory and Ethnography of California 4.00
ANTHRO XL 113R Southwestern Archaeology 4.00
ANTHRO XL 114P Ancient Civilizations of Western Middle America (Nahuatl Sphere) 4.00
ANTHRO XL 114Q The Maya: Topics in Archaeology of Mesoamerica 4.00 SU FA WI SP
ANTHRO XL 114R Ancient Civilizations of Andean South America 4.00
Old World Topics (1 course from the following list) Units Typical Availability
CLASS XL M153B Mycenaean Art and Architecture 4.00
CLASS XL M153D Classical Greek Art and Archaeology 4.00
CLASS XL M153E Hellenistic Greek Art and Archaeology 4.00
CLASS XL M153G Roman Art and Archaeology 4.00
HISTRY XL M105 History of Ancient Mesopotamia And Syria 4.00
NREAST XL 162 Archaeology of Palestine 4.00 SU FA WI SP
NREAST XL M104B Ancient Egyptian Civilization: The New Kingdom and the Late Period until 332 BC 4.00
NREAST XL 130 Ancient Egyptian Religion 4.00
NREAST XL 165 Archaeology of Pharaonic Egypt 4.00


Students must complete three elective courses under the disciplines of Anthropology or Archaeology.

Estimated Cost

Candidacy Fee: $75.00

Estimated Program Tuition: $4,000.00

Estimated Total Cost: $4,050.00


Contact: Melony Varnado, (310) 825-7093 or

Open Enrollment or Apply for Admission?: Open
VA Approved?: Yes
Meets I-20/ F1 Visa requirements: No
Estimated Duration (Half-Time pace): 12 quarters
Internships Available: No
Program ID: CF016

Additional Information

Please note: candidacy and application fees are not transferable or refundable.

Students in certificate programs may repeat once for credit only those courses in which they receive a grade of C-, D, F, NP, or U. A course in which a grade of C-, D or F has been earned may not be repeated for credit on a Passed/Not Passed basis. No more than a single instance of earned credit for any course will count toward minimum unit requirements for completing a certificate program, or for assessing continuing progress with respect to financial aid, or the status of international students on F1 visas.

All certificate programs at UCLA Extension require professional-level English language proficiency in listening and note-taking, reading comprehension and vocabulary, written expression, and oral presentation. If you would like to refine your English language proficiency prior to beginning one of our programs, we offer English as a Second Language programs and an array of classes in Communication and Learning Skills.

UCLA Extension may change the content and course requirements of a certificate program at any time. To prevent being impacted by possible changes in the course requirements, students are encouraged strongly to enroll in the certificate of their choice as early as possible following their selection of a program. Only those whose paid certificate application fees have been accepted are assured of completion of a certificate under its current requirements. Courses within the curriculum are expected to be completed by the end of normal candidacy which is cited above. Candidacies can be renewed under certain circumstances. Students with older records may be required to repeat material to ensure its relevance.

Students who complete their curriculum with an earned GPA of 3.5 or higher will have the notation "earned with distinction" posted to their transcript and printed on their certificates. For other information about candidacies and the service environment, see about certificate candidacy.

UCLA is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This program was developed and is administered in accordance with regulations of the Academic Senate of the University of California.

Certificate Advisor

Melony Varnado

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