Changes Coming to “EmpowerED UCLA Extension”

Prospective students: Please contact UCLA Extension directly about enrolling in the range of professional certificate programs and classes you see listed on this website and others offered by UCLA Extension.

UCLA Extension has a full range of professional development classes and certificate programs that will help you meet your career advancement or career transition needs. Please call UCLA Extension at (310) 825-8933 or email or visit

The UCLA Extension winter quarter begins January 6, 2014. UCLA Extension is committed to meeting all of your continuing education and professional development needs. UCLA Extension remains available to answer all of your questions.

Current students: If you are currently enrolled through the EmpowerED UCLA Extension program, you will continue to receive the finest in continuing education from UCLA Extension instructors and the unique services initiated by EmpowerED. Your classes and certificate program will not change: You will complete your programs under the original EmpowerED UCLA Extension format. Winter EmpowerED UCLA Extension courses begin January 15. UCLA Extension representatives are available to answer your questions. Please call (310) 825-8933 or email

A New Path
The technology powering innovation in educational delivery systems will continue to grow at the EmpoweredU company. Already, EmpoweredU is providing mobile learning platforms to other higher educational institutions. Learn more at

The academic end of this system–UCLA Extension–continues to offer a full range of professional certificates and thousands of classes to meet your career goals. Learn more at

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