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If you're a teacher or school administrator, you can choose from UCLA Extension's classroom-based and online courses designed just for you. For over 80 years, the Education Department at Extension has provided staff development, in-service, and professional outreach to practitioners at all levels of education — from preschool through elementary, secondary, adult, and higher education. And, you can earn university professional development credit applicable to state licensing/credentialing requirements, salary advancement, or university/college degrees.

For more information on Early Childhood Programs: Call (310) 825-2960; email or click here.

For more information on K-12 Credentials call (310) 825-0095 and TESL/TEFL call (310) 206-5107; email; or click here.

For more information on Online College Counseling, Test Preparation, and Advanced Placement Programs: Call (310) 983-1181; email

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Education Specialist Induction Program (PBS Track) Series

This program is designed to support the induction of participating teachers as responsible members of the teaching profession and leads to recommendation for a California Clear Credential; ultimately, increasing retention of new teachers in the professio. . .

College Counseling Certificate

Those who work with students making the transition from high school to college are all too aware of the need for training and information that is up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical. This online program is designed to be a preparation for counsel. . .

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