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If you’re a teacher or school administrator, you can choose from UCLA Extension’s nearly 900 classroom-based and online courses designed just you. For over 80 years, the Education Department at Extension has provided staff development, in-service, and professional outreach to practitioners at all levels of education—from preschool through elementary, secondary, adult, and higher education. And, you can earn university professional development credit applicable to state licensing/credentialing requirements, salary advancement, or university/college degrees.

For more information on Early Childhood Programs: Call (310) 825-2960; email or click here .

For more information on K-12 Credentials call (310) 825-0095 and TESL/TEFL call (310) 206-5107; email ; or click here .

For more information on Online College Counseling , Test Preparation , and Advanced Placement Programs : Call (310) 983-1181; email .

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Teaching General Education for Secondary School Students (Single Subject)

The UCLA Extension Teaching General Education for Secondary School Students sequence reflects completion of a focused course of study balancing theory and practice with an emphasis on real-world experience. Record of this UCLA Extension sequence provide. . .

Applied Behavioral Analysis Certificate

Increasingly a wide range of school personnel are required to provide support to students with intensive behavioral needs. Many of these students present behaviors that require specialized support and instruction that is beyond the standard training of t. . .

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