Health Care & Counseling

Healthcare & Counseling

We offer training and continuing education credit for health professionals; courses on mental health; stress, anger management, and self-esteem development courses; and disaster preparedness. We recently added a Certificate in Health Care Management and Leadership, described here, that teaches the managerial and leadership skills so in demand in health care.

For Nursing Professionals:
• RN First Assistant Program
For information, call (310) 825-8423; email, or visit the website.

Alcohol/Drug Abuse Studies and Counseling
We also offer courses and certificate programs for alcohol and drug abuse counseling with instructors who are experienced professionals from UCLA and the community. For more information, call (310) 825-7093; email; or visit the website.

Patient Advocacy Certificate

The UCLA Extension Patient Advocacy Certificate Program will provide the knowledge, skills and competencies professionals need to successfully prepare for this emerging career. The curriculum covers the following topics: the fundamentals of the U.S. heal. . .

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate

UCLA Extension is proud to offer a professional certificate in the challenging and rewarding field of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling. This certificate is designed for aspiring addiction counselors. Addiction counselors assist individuals in recovery, . . .

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Law and Ethics for Addiction Professionals

Community Health Sciences X 470.6

3.95 units


Spring 2016



Ric Zappala

This course is designed to help students clarify their own beliefs and values; to understand the dynamics of the profession's Code of Ethics; to gain ... More

Mindful Eating, Exercise and Living: The Science and Practice (Online)

Community Health Sciences X 439

4.00 units


Spring 2016



Micheline Vargas

Over 30 years of research supports the many health benefits of mindfulness-based practices. Emerging research now supports mindful eating as a way of changing our ... More

The Science and Practice of Mindful Eating

Community Health Sciences 802.5

0.60 CEU


Winter 2016


Not Available

Micheline Vargas

If you are like millions of Americans, you have tried to control your weight. You may have counted calories, avoided carbs, excluded fats, weighed yourself ... More

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