Health Care & Counseling

Healthcare & Counseling

We offer training and continuing education credit for health professionals; courses on mental health; stress, anger management, and self-esteem development courses; and disaster preparedness. We recently added a Certificate in Health Care Management and Leadership, described here, that teaches the managerial and leadership skills so in demand in health care.

For Nursing Professionals:
• RN First Assistant Program
For information, call (310) 825-8423; email, or visit the website.

Alcohol/Drug Abuse Studies and Counseling
We also offer courses and certificate programs for alcohol and drug abuse counseling with instructors who are experienced professionals from UCLA and the community. For more information, call (310) 825-7093; email; or visit the website.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies Certificate

THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW CANDIDATES. UCLA Extension is proud to offer a professional development program in the challenging field of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies. This program serves as an educational component for professionals work. . .

Health Care Management and Leadership Certificate

This certificate program is ideal for those breaking into the profession as well as those seeking to advance their careers. Through convenient evening and weekend courses, build your managerial and leadership skills and prepare for success in this rapidl. . .

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Happiness 2.0: Rethinking Mindfulness and the Science of Psychological Well-Being

Psychology 857.6

0.65 CEU


Fall 2015



Rick Hanson

In the last decade, we have seen an unprecedented integration of mindfulness in our culture and in the field of mental health. While it is ... More

Don't Believe Everything You Think! The Power of Applying Mindfulness to Your Thoughts and Beliefs

Psychology 719.5


Summer 2015



Jeffrey Hutter

Mindfulness training allows us to cultivate our capacity for greeting life more fearlessly, with a calm, clear, open mind. Learning how to unblock our natural ... More

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate Orientation Session

Community Health Sciences UL 731


Summer 2015



Uninstructed Lab

Participate in our orientation session to learn more about how UCLA Extension's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate can help you reach your career goals ... More

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