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No matter what your industry, you can benefit from a thorough grounding in our Technical Management Certificates and Courses . They provide the skills you need to understand and face today's challenges in contract management, cost estimating and pricing, IT management, project management, and supply chain management. For more information visit our homepage or call (310) 206-1548.

Plus, enhance your career with our top-notch Technical Management Program . Join the over 15,000 people from around the globe who’ve attended this unique 5-day intensive program, designed for engineers and other technical professionals. Learn more at the Technical Management Program homepage or call (310) 825-3858.

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Government Cost Estimating and Pricing Certificate

This program is designed for personnel who are involved in the estimating, preparation and/or evaluation of cost proposals, including estimators, project managers, pricers, business managers, price analysts, auditors and cost analysts. The courses cover. . .

Information Technology Management Certificate

Effective information technology (IT) management is a critical factor for organizations to reduce cost, increase profit, expand into new markets, and gain a competitive edge. This eight-course, 32-unit certificate program is intended to help IT professio. . .

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