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No matter what your industry, you can benefit from a thorough grounding in our Technical Management Certificates and Courses . They provide the skills you need to understand and face today's challenges in contract management, cost estimating and pricing, IT management, project management, and supply chain management. For more information visit our homepage or call (310) 206-1548.

Plus, enhance your career with our top-notch Technical Management Program . Join the over 15,000 people from around the globe who’ve attended this unique 5-day intensive program, designed for engineers and other technical professionals. Learn more at the Technical Management Program homepage or call (310) 825-3858.

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Lean Six Sigma Sequential Program

The Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Sequential Program methodology provides standards for improving and sustaining quality and productivity throughout business and manufacturing operations. This course of study will provide you with the skills and tr. . .

Project Management Certificate

The demand for project managers is increasing as more organizations use project-based methods to get work done. Our six-course program offers practical skills and tools that you can apply to any inudstry. The program also provides grounding in key aspect. . .

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Executive Communications for Project Managers

Management X 443.18A

4.00 units


Fall 2015



Gurpreet Dhillon

Effective communication is the single most important element of effective leadership. And the ability to effectively communicate with executives is one of the most critical ... More

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