2009 Recipients of the Laurel Hummel Scholarship

Fall 2009

Utsav Agarwal, India, (Music Business Certificate)

"If anyone is planning to get into the entertainment industry in America, UCLA Extension is probably one of the best places to start from. It's cheap as compared to other schools, it's in the heart of LA and has some of the best instructors you can ever dream of. These parameters put together surpass most of the other options you'll have."

Alisara Tareekes photo

Alisara Tareekes, Thailand, (Design Communication Art Certificate)

"As an international student, it was hard at first to adapt into new culture and language. The teachers were very encouraging and I eventually realized that an international experience could be a unique resource to collaborate my ideas in the classroom. I enjoyed hands-on projects and critiques which helped me develop my skill. Students were from different background and brought various perspective to the class. Conversation with them were always amazing. I was also surprised how much I learned from online classes. Now I have plenty of works to put in my portfolio."

Vijaya Bhaskar Thota photo

Vijaya Bhaskar Thota, India, (Directing Certificate)

Summer 2009

Marat Shayakhmetov photo

Marat Shayakhmetov, Kazakhstan
(Marketing and Advertising Certificate)

"What I found to be the most remarkable about the certificate program and the professors in particular was that how quickly they were able to adapt to the current economic conditions. Instructors updated their lectures in order to teach us how to survive and succeed even during a recession."

Yookyung Min photo

Yookyung Min, Republic of Korea
(Design Communication Arts Certificate)

"One of the things I enjoyed most was meeting diverse classmates. Everyone had different backgrounds, from students to actors, writers and even airplane engineers, which brought different opinions and made the program much more interesting."

Roman Zene, Germany, (Cinematography Certificate)

Spring 2009

Maria Riva-Mosquera photo

Maria Riva-Mosquera, Argentina, (Film Scoring Certificate)

"I have to admit that the reason why I came to LA it's because if I wanted to do something related to the Film Industry, it had to be here. It was hard at first. LA's a very big city where it's not hard to get lost (and I'm not talking about geography). Anyway, I learn to like it as it is. Definitely the best thing of it is the weather!! I could live forever in a city with this temperatures."

Virginia Kingston, Canada, (Entertainment Media Certificate)

"I really like the fact that most of the teachers I've had have had oodles of relevant work experience directly related to what they were teaching. Their practical experience helped me to gain a better understanding of the material faster and more eagerly."

Sejean Nathalie, Columbia, (Directing Certificate)

"When I decided to go to UCLA Extension, I was looking for a short and efficient program that would give me the tools to develop myself as a Director and understand the Entertainment Industry. And that is exactly what I found. In addition, I had the chance to meet with students coming from all around the world, with different backgrounds, knowledges and sensitivities. I learned with instructors are passionate about their subject, working in the field they were teaching and always available to help."

Winter 2009

Catalina Gonzalez photo

Catalina Gonzalez, Columbia
(General Business Studies with a concentration in Marketing Certificate)

"I think that all the instructors at UCLA Extension are well prepared, know what they are talking about and teach you with their own real life experience cases, what makes you value their courses even more. An instructor that I won't forget was one that I had in my first quarter and in my first class at UCLA Extension. This instructor was amazing, his classes where interesting and I learned a lot, but what is most important about him is that he made me reassure that I made the right decision when I decided to study abroad for my graduate studies."

Myung Wan Kim photo

Myung Wan Kim, South Korea, (Accounting Certificate)

Lora Dirasuyan photo

Lora Dirasuyan, Turkey, (Accounting Certificate)

"Studying at UCLA Extension is a great experience especially for an international student. By friendly atmosphere with highly qualified instructors and classmates from all around the world, everybody has an opportunity to learn from others and teach to others as well. Courses are successfully designed to meet the requirements of professional exams. Workshop sessions are really good to practice what you have learned and guest speakers from different businesses improve networking and create job opportunities."

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