Steps to Applying for a Private Loan

  1. Call the lender for a pre-screen or go to their website to complete an online application.
      • Start the process two months before your first quarter term.
    1. If credit approved, the lender will send you the necessary paperwork or a request for additional information which should be completed and returned to the lender as soon as possible. Pay close attention to co-borrower requirements, if applicable.
        • Use UCLA School Code: 001315
    2. Complete and return the UCLA Extension Private Loan Supplemental Form.
        • It is required for all applicants

    3. Your lender will notify the UCLA Extension Financial Aid Office if your loan application has been approved and to request that your loan be certified by the Financial Aid Office.
        • Certification will be for an amount not to exceed the amont of tuition minus any other assistance you are receiving for the year: financial aid scholarship, etc.

    4. Private loan funds will be disbursed once:
        • you complete the application
        • you provide all supporting documentation to the lender
        • UCLA Extension Financial Aid Office certifies your loan application
        • Enrollment fees are paid in full (minimum of 6 units each quarter)

    Please Note: If enrolled in a UCLA Extension Certificate program that is offered in conjunction with the UCLA School of Dentistry, you must request signed “Loan Certification Authorization Form” from Diana Kramer at School of Dentistry. This form only confirms that you have been admitted in a Dentistry Certificate Program and authorizes UCLA Extension to begin processing your request.

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