Attention Tuition Assistance Program Students:

UCLA Extension is a participating institution with the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program. Our Financial Aid /Veteran Office will serve as the primary coordinating office with TAP policy and procedures.

Recent updates with the Tuition Assistance Program requires new steps for eligible military personnel who have indicated to UCLA Extension that they are or have used Tuition Assistance funds from the Department of Defense to support their UCLA Extension education. The Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program is restricted to students pursuing one of the following certificate programs.

Please note: Due to the recent changes that have been made to the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program. Tuition Assistance will only cover tuition and fees for certificate programs that are eligible for Title IV funding.

If you are currently enrolled in a certificate program other than the ones listed above you may not be able to receive funding at UCLA Extension through Tuition Assistance.

UCLA Extension cannot approve students for this funding, nor can we counsel you on your eligibility for these funds or what funding is available from your military branch. You must contact your military branch to secure funding. As stated above, Tuition Assistance will only cover tuition and mandatory fees for certificate programs that are eligible for Title IV funding. When you have been authorized through your military branch (Department of Defense) to receive Tuition Assistance funding, please follow the steps outline below on how to enroll in an approved UCLA Extension Certificate Program for the first quarter you attend.

Students must complete the following steps:

Enrollment Procedures

  1. Student contacts the Financial Aid Office to review the procedures for Tuition Assistance.
  2. Student chooses one of the certificate programs that is listed above and schedules an appointment with the Certificate Advisor to develop an Education Plan and complete and Enrollment Agreement form. This can be accomplished by reviewing information about the certificate program on our website at or contacting the UCLA Extension program advisor/representative for the certificate of interest.
  3. Student and Advisor complete the Education Plan and Enrollment Agreement.
  4. Student contacts their military branch for guidance to establish eligibility and enroll in the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program.
  5. Once Tuition Assistance is approved by your Military Branch Counselor and/or Reserve Education Services Specialist, please print your Tuition Assistance approval from their website.
  6. Submit a signed copy of the enrollment agreement/study/plan to the Financial Aid Office. This agreement/study/plan will be used by a Financial Aid Office representative to enroll students in courses. Any amount in excess of the tuition assistance approval authorization must be paid in full prior to your enrollment.

Please note the following additional items:

  • TA funding is not guaranteed quarterly! Recipients must reapply every quarter and repeat the process listed above!
  • UCLA Extension's minimum progress standard requires that a student complete all classes with a of letter grade (C) or a P (pass).
  • Periodic follow-up sessions will be required to ensure the educational plan remains up-to-date, and students will be responsible to communicate with their certificate advisor and the Financial Aid/ Veterans Affairs Office if there are any enrollment or program changes.
  • Students are responsible for adhering to UCLA Extension add/drop refund policies as published on the website:
  • Students who do not wish to continue their certificate program/courses study should contact the Financial Aid Office immediately via email: