Veterans who enroll in listed certificate programs are eligible to be considered for some Veterans Administration Education Benefits. If you are a veteran, contact the Veterans Administration in West Los Angeles, to determine your eligibility. UCLA Extension programs and courses do not qualify for the Cal-Vet College Fee Waiver or V-RAP Program. For further information, VA Information 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551)

All questions concerning your eligibility, amount you will receive, or payment dates, should be directed to the Department of Veteran Affairs (888) 442-4551. You may also visit their web site at

Dependents of 100% service-connected disabled or deceased veterans may be eligible to be considered for some benefits.

The Process:
Complete the appropriate VA Forms:

Collect your official transcripts which must include all transcripts from any previous institution you've attended (whether you received benefits or not).

Submit VA forms and your official transcript to the UCLA Extension Financial Aid Office, Room 320, 10995 Le Conte Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024-1333. You may submit by mail or in-person. Once all forms have been submitted and quarterly course fees are paid in full, your benefits will be processed.

Following your first quarter, you will not need to submit VA Forms or transcripts again. You will need to contact the Extension VA Office, each quarter that you enroll in classes, pay fees, and anytime something happens that affects your enrollment status. If you do not contact the Extension VA Office in these situations, your benefits could terminate.Please note: Only courses that are a part of your certificate program can be certified for Veterans Educational Benefits.

Enrollment Status Requirements for Veterans Educational Benefits:
Full Time = 12 units
¾ Time = 9-11 units
Half Time = 6-8 units

ACADEMIC /ADMISSION POLICY: These polices are established within the academic department and approved by the Deans Office. Students are required to adhere to information in the UCLA Extension Catalog which is applicable to all students. Public Law requires education assistance benefits to veterans and other eligible persons be discontinued when the student ceases to attend or fail to make satisfactory progress toward completion of their training objective (certificate program). The school is required to have and to enforce standards of progress and conduct for the programs to be approved for Veterans Administration benefits.

ATTENDANCE / MAKE-UP WORK: Regular attendance at all class sessions is a primary obligation of the student. The successful completion of college work is dependent on regular attendance. Each UCLA Extension instructor will explain the absence policy for his or her class at the beginning of the quarter; however, failure to attend regularly may result in a reduction of the student's final grade, or in the student being dropped from the class altogether. In the event of a prolonged illness, instructors should be notified either by the student. Veterans should contact the Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs office.

REPEATING COURSES: A student may not repeat a course in which a "C" or higher grade has been received. A grade of "D" may be repeated when school policy requires a "C" grade for transfer or the certificate requirements. Students may not receive VA benefits for repeated courses in which VA has been received

GRADING SYSTEM/MINIMUM SATISFACTORY GRADE LEVEL: A VA benefit recipient must receive and maintain a minimum 2.0 ("C") GPA for all units for which they are certified each quarter. The following is how GPA is determined:

The UCLA Extension Grading Scale
- Superior
B - Good
C - Fair
D - Poor
F - Failure
I - Incomplete (work of passing quality but incomplete; may be revised by completing work as required)
DR - Deferred Report (see Student Conduct)
P - Passed (work which would otherwise earn a grade of "C" or better)
NP - Not Passed (less than "C")
All grades except Incomplete ("I") are final when filed by the instructor in the Final Grade Report.

Grade Reports

If you have provided us with an email address, you can view your grades, request official transcripts, change credit status, obtain enrollment verification, and update your personal information when you log in to My Extension. Transcripts
You may also inspect your grades in person at Student Services, Suite 113 (1st. floor), 10995 Le Conte Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024-1333 or by calling the Records Office at (310) 794-7361. For official transcripts submit your request through transcripts online. Transcripts

More on Grades

In all courses in which grades are awarded, instructors may grant students up to 1 quarter to make up an I. After 1 quarter-or sooner if required by instructor-an "I" will automatically lapse to an "F." Grades "A," "B," "C," and "D" may be modified by the suffixes + or -. The temporary grade of "DR" will be posted if allegations of academic dishonesty are pending.

Special Grading Policy for X 300, X 400, and 900 Courses: UCLA Extension follows a nonpunitive grading system in these courses. For students enrolled in these courses "For Credit, Letter Grade," the grades "A," "B," "C," "D," or "F" may be recorded. However, if a student fails the course, no record of his/her enrollment will appear on the transcript. Similarly, for students enrolled "For Credit, Passed/Not Passed," a grade of "P" is recorded; if the student receives a grade of "NP," no record of enrollment appears on the transcript.

Any grade in which the student receives 0 grade points is considered failing for VA progress standards. The GPA is
computed by dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of units attempted for which "A", "B", "C", "D" or Failing grades were given.

General: Students at UCLA Extension are required to maintain a specific level of academic performance to be in good standing.

Good Standing: A 2.0 (C) is the minimum UCLA Extension standard for a satisfactory GPA.

Qualitative and Quantitative Standards

Federal regulations require UCLA Extension to establish, publish, and apply standards of satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility. If you fail to meet minimum progress standards, you will become ineligible to receive veterans education benefits until you are in compliance with the standards. If, during any quarter, you expect you cannot meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements listed, you should contact the UCLA Extension Veteran Affairs/ Financial Aid Office immediately.

The qualitative standard for Veterans is receipt of at least a "C" grade in each class. This requires at least a "C" in classes taken for a letter grade and a "P" for each class taken Pass/No Pass.

The quantitative standard requires you to be enrolled in at least 6 unit-equivalents, as determined by the UCLA Extension Registrar, each quarter in order to obtain funds. You must also successfully complete at least 18 unit-equivalents each year of your program. Additionally, Veterans probationary period has a cap of 2 quarters to complete the program. After the quarter cap has been reached, a veteran may be decline benefits if not making satisfactory progress toward the completion of their certificate program.

To ensure that veterans meet these mandated minimums, plan to enroll in classes with start dates at the beginning of the quarter. If those classes cancel, you will then probably have options for enrolling in other courses, thereby meeting your minimum unit requirement. If you enroll in courses with start dates later in the quarter and those courses cancel, you will have few or no options for fulfilling the minimum unit requirements and, as above, you will be responsible for payback. In other words, you will be held financially responsible regardless of the circumstances.

Withdrawal and Cancellation

Withdrawal from a quarter in which you receive veterans education benefits may apply as a quarter attended and may work to your disadvantage in reaching the quarter cap of your program. Cancellation of registration (prior to the first day of classes), however, does not apply as a quarter attended. Refund and payback of VA education benefit received is based on the date you officially withdraw or cancel.

Disqualification and Reinstatement

The Veterans Affairs/Financial Aid Office monitors satisfactory progress annually. Progress is measured according to the number of quarters you have attended and the number of unit-equivalents you have successfully completed. If you have not met the requirements, you will be disqualified from receiving funds and your VA educational benefits will be discontinued until the deficiencies are satisfied.

Veterans education benefits eligibility is reinstated for the quarter following the quarter in which you reestablish compliance with the unit-equivalents-per-quarter agreement. For example, if you successfully complete all deficit units in Fall Quarter and therefore make up the deficiency, you become eligible for VA education benefits in Winter Quarter.

Appeals Process

If you fail to meet the satisfactory academic progress standards and are disqualified, you may appeal your disqualification.

To appeal, submit a letter and supporting documentation to the UCLA Extension Veterans Affairs/ Financial Aid Appeals Committee. In your letter, be sure to explain the circumstances that led to your disqualification and how they affected your ability to meet the requirements. On written receipt of your appeals packet, the Veterans Affairs/ Financial Aid Appeals Committee will review your request and inform you in writing of its decision.

The following Privacy Statement is provided for you to read and understand pertaining to information sought of all claimants for VA benefits

Privacy Act of 1974

Public Law 93-579 entitled the Privacy Act of 1974 requires that all claimants be informed of the purposes and uses to be made of the information which is solicited. The following is furnished to explain the reason why the information is requested and the general uses to which that information may be put.

AUTHORITY: The Veterans Administration is empowered to solicit the information requested in this form under the authority of Title 38, United States Code.

PURPOSE: The information requested by this form is considered relevant and necessary to determine maximum entitlement to the benefit for which you have applied.

USES: The information will be used in your best interests in determining eligibility to the maximum benefits allowable by law. The responses which are submitted may be disclosed as permitted by law outside the Veterans Administration.

EFFECTS OF NON-DISCLOSURE: Disclosure of the requested information is voluntary. No penalty will be imposed for failure to respond. However, the decision as to entitlement for the benefit you are claiming must then be made on the basis of the available evidence of record. This may result in a delay in the processing of the claim, payment of less than maximum benefits, or complete disallowance of your claim. Failure to provide information in connection with the benefit currently being sought will have no detrimental effect on any other benefit to which you are entitled.

Click on the individual program titles for certificate requirements:



Advanced Plumbing Systems Design

Advanced Print and Graphic Communication

Advanced Web and Interaction Design

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies

Applications Programming with Concentration in C# .NET

Applications Programming

Astronautical Engineering

Business Administration with Concentrations

Business   Fundamentals

Charter School Policy, Finance and Administration


College Counseling

Communications Systems

Construction Management

Contract Management

Creative Nonfiction Writing

Database Management

Design Communication Art


Digital Signal Processing


Early Childhood Education: Advanced Core Program

Early Childhood Education: Basic and Advanced Core Program

Early Childhood Education: Basic Core Program

Educating and Supporting Students with Emotional Disturbance

Enterprise Risk Management

Entertainment Studies

Feature Film Writing

Fiction Writing

Film Scoring

Finance (also with Concentrations in Corporate Finance, Investment Management and Analysis, Real Estate Finance, and Credit Analysis and Management )

Fitness Instruction


General Business Studies (also with Concentrations)
Government Cost Estimating and Pricing

Health Care Management and Leadership

Homeland Security and Management

Horticulture and Gardening

Human Resources Management

Independent Music Production

Information Technology Management

Interior Design

International Trade and Commerce (with Concentrations in Global Business Managment, Import/Export Operations, or International Financial Management)

Interpretation and Translation: Spanish/English


Journalism with a Concentration in Media Studies

Journalism Writing

Landscape Architecture


Manufacturing Engineering


Nonprofit Management

Operating System Administration

Paralegal Trainng Program

Parent Education and Training

Patient Advocacy

Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning (Accelerated)


Pre-Medical and General Sciences


Project Management

Real Estate

Real Estate with a Concentration in Investments

Recycling and Solid Waste Management

Screenwriting: Film & TV Comprehensive Program

Small Business Management and Technology

Supply Chain Management


Systems Analysis


Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL)  

Teaching English Language Learners

Teaching Reading

Teaching Special Education for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Television Writing (Comedy or Drama)

The Business and Management of Entertainment

The Music Business

UCLA Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classics

UCLA Post-Baccalaureate Program in Post-Classicial Latin

Web Technology

Wine Education and Management