UCLA Extension's Paralegal Training Program (PTP) is approved by the American Bar Association and seeks to prepare students to function as ethical, effective, and efficient professional paralegals in law firms, businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations; to perform a wide variety of legal work under the supervision of attorneys; and to adapt easily to the changing role of the paralegal as well as the changing needs of the legal community. The PTP provides training in substantive and procedural law, legal analysis, professional responsibility, legal forms, legal technology, and practical skills needed to work in the public or private sector as a competent and professional paralegal. This program fulfills educational requirements to practice as a paralegal in California. Instructors for the program are approved by the UCLA School of Law, and include practicing judges, attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals. Assistance in career counseling and job search opportunities are available to current students and program graduates. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law. For more information on admission requirements, the program schedule, and to apply for admission please visit our program website. 

This program is organized as a single 36 unit course with multiple modules. Students are assessed through a variety of methods including quizzes, assignments, and group projects in each module. Students must obtain a 73% in the course in order to earn a certificate. This program can be completed in either a daytime format (5 days a week) lasting 5 months, or an evening format (2 nights a week) lasting 11 months.

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Estimated Cost
Estimated Program Tuition: $8,250.00
Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $1,000.00
Estimated Total Cost: $9,250.00

Fees are approximate and subject to change

Internship Available: Yes

Federal Financial Aid Gainful Employment Disclosures

The US Department of Education requires colleges and universities to disclose certain information for any financial aid eligible program that, “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation”. This information includes program costs; occupations that the program prepares students to enter; occupational profiles; on time completion rate; and for the most recent award year: the number of students who have completed the program, the number of students who complete the program within the estimated duration, the job placement rate, and the median Title IV and private loan debt incurred by those who complete the program. This, as well as other information, is listed below.

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Certificate in Paralegal Studies (Paralegal Training Program)*


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