6 Courses Required

The Small Business Management and Technology Certificate is designed to improve small business leadership, decision-making, operations planning, marketing, regulatory compliance, risk management, financing, and long term profitability. The curriculum includes technology resources and examples to support the learning objectives of the certificate and courses. This new certificate will also benefit anyone planning to start their own business by providing substantial know-how and best practices to increase success and reduce risks. Risks are both "calculated" and "unplanned/surprises" and risk reduction can be achieved by better calculating possible outcomes and attaining higher levels of education to reduce surprises. The curriculum is intended for:

  • Owners or participants in family owned businesses who see substantial growth opportunities but need additional preparation and know-how (including stressed businesses that need resuscitation by their owners and lenders)
  • Career changers who have business experience but are preparing to go into business for themselves.
  • Existing small business owners and managers who wish to refresh and update their skills. Managers of non-profit institutions who support the growth of small businesses through consultancy, grants and seminars.
  • Military personnel returning from overseas assignments that have administrative, purchasing, logistics or related experience and want to commence their own business.

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All courses to be applied toward this certificate must be taken for a letter grade. Students must complete and pass the curricular requirements of the program and earn an overall 2.5 GPA or better to achieve certificate award.

Eric Hubert
(310) 206-4271

Estimated Cost
Application & Candidacy Fee: $200.00*
Estimated Program Tuition: $4,450.00
Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $500.00
Estimated Total Cost: $5,150.00

Costs are approximate and subject to change without notice. 

*This program is open admission. The Application & Candidacy fee establishes your candidacy in the certificate for a period of time covering normal progress toward completion and allows you to access a variety of program benefits.

Internship Available: No

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