3 Courses Required

The Embedded Software specialization provide hands-on training in developing real-time embedded software. The program includes C programming, compiling, linking, hardware-software partitioning, understanding integrated peripheral devices, hardware design, basic schedulers, software design, timing considerations, integrated peripheral interrupts, external interrupts. Additionally, there is emphasis on fundamentals of Real-Time Operating Systems, Kernel Objects and Constructs, Interrupts and Error Handling, Timer and I/O Services, Memory Management, Rate Monotonic Systems, Synchronization and Communication, Component Based Real Time Systems, and common RTOS design problems. The program provides an introduction to using Verilog to model and test logic that is implemented on Xilinx FPGAs. Learn to use Modelsim to simulate your RTL and Post Place and Route designs. The specialization requires a minimum of three courses totaling twelve units.

Quarterly Availability:
Embedded Software I: WINTER
Embedded Software II: Spring
Using FPGAs in Embedded Systems: FALL

(310) 825-4100

Estimated Cost
Application & Candidacy Fee: $150.00*
Estimated Program Tuition: $2,850.00
Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $300.00
Estimated Total Cost: $3,300.00**

*This program is open admission. The Application & Candidacy fee establishes your candidacy in the program for a period of time covering normal progress toward completion and allows you to access a variety of program benefits.

**Costs are approximate and subject to change without notice. Estimates are based on the candidacy fee, course fees, and estimated textbook fees, but do not include additional expenses such as parking.

Internship Available: No

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Specialization in Embedded Software