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As the number of organizations increases, more bookkeepers will be needed to maintain accurate financial records. In addition, in response to the recent financial crisis, investors are paying increased attention to the accuracy of corporate books. Stricter regulation in the financial sector has also created additional demand for accounting services, providing opportunities for qualified bookkeepers and accounting clerks. At the same time, technological change is redefining the role of the bookkeeper, presenting exciting opportunities for those who have the most current bookkeeping skills. The 4-course Bookkeeping specialization covers the primary aspects of bookkeeping with an emphasis on preparing individuals for career advancement through attaining relevant industry certifications and learning the latest technology and analytical tools used for bookkeeping. The program is ideal for both experienced bookkeepers and office managers who have a desire for expanding their current career track as well as for those considering a career transition into bookkeeping. The Bookkeeping specialization can be completed within one year, where students have the flexibility to complete their coursework in-class or online, as well as in a blended, hybrid format. 

Yvette de la Cruz
(310) 206-1654

Estimated Cost
Application & Candidacy Fee: $75.00*
Estimated Program Tuition: $3,090.00
Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $500.00
Estimated Total Cost: $3,635.00**

*This program is open admission. The Application & Candidacy fee establishes your candidacy in the program for a period of time covering normal progress toward completion and allows you to access a variety of program benefits.

**Costs are approximate and subject to change without notice. Estimates are based on the candidacy fee, course fees, and estimated textbook fees, but do not include additional expenses such as parking. Current estimates are based on on-ground courses.

Internship Available: No

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