4 Courses Required

Master computer-aided design (CAD) with this comprehensive, hands-on 4-course specialization.  Students learn why the use of these professional digital tools is essential to the creative process of design and presentation production, and are introduced to using the computer for drawing, illustration, and layout. From there, students will choose between AutoCAD and Revit, two powerful CAD programs used by major design firms. The specialization concludes with a hands-on workshop that covers the basic 2D and 3D commands necessary to construct 3D objects and interiors using the award-winning SketchUp software. Topics include the fundamentals of creating textures, defining materials, using architectural dimensioning, using perspective and isometric views, creating sections, and editing text.
All CAD courses assume knowledge of drafting principles and basic PC (Windows) computer skills. Advanced CAD courses assume knowledge of the application as defined in the introductory course.
All computer courses are taught on a Windows platform in computer labs. Mac users may download Mac-compatible versions of AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp/SketchUp Pro and Podium for laptop or home use, but will be responsible for learning mouse clicks or keystroke conversion independently. There are currently no Mac versions of Revit or 3ds Max Design. Mac users may work in a Windows partition using Parallels or other Windows emulation software.

Vincent Mallari
(310) 825-9061

Estimated Cost
Application & Candidacy Fee: $50.00
Estimated Program Tuition: $3,420.00
Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $284.00
Estimated Total Cost: $3,754.00

Costs are approximate and subject to change without notice. Estimates are based on the candidacy fee, course fees, and estimated textbook fees, but do not include additional expenses such as parking.

*This program is open admission. 

Internship Available: No

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Specialization in Digital Design Suite for Architects and Interior Designers


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