COM SCI 700 - Digital Technology Webinar
COM SCI 900.001 - Full Stack Web Development Coding Boot Camp
COM SCI 900.002 - UX/UI Boot Camp
COM SCI 900.1 - Coding for Beginners Using Games
COM SCI X 414.20 - Fundamentals of Software Development
COM SCI X 414.61 - Introduction to SQL
COM SCI X 418.100 - Java Programming II
COM SCI X 418.102A - Website Development with Adobe Software: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Animate
COM SCI X 418.102AB - HTML and CSS
COM SCI X 418.104B - Python Programming I
COM SCI X 418.104D - iPhone and iPad Application Programming
COM SCI X 418.104F - Google Android Development
COM SCI X 418.104G - Intermediate Google Android Development
COM SCI X 418.113 - Web Technology Fundamentals
COM SCI X 418.113A - Introduction to Web Design Using WordPress and Joomla
COM SCI X 418.735 - Programming in C# For Visual Studio .NET Platform I
COM SCI X 418.735A - Programming in C# for Visual Studio .NET Platform II
COM SCI X 418.735B - C++ Fundamentals for Visual Studio .NET
COM SCI X 418.735D - Programming in C# Developing Web Applications Platform II
COM SCI X 418.737A - Object-Oriented Programming for the Visual Studio .NET Platform
COM SCI X 418.737G - Data Structures and Design Patterns in C#
COM SCI X 418.738 - C# Programming for Visual Studio .NET Platform III
COM SCI X 418.85A - Java Programming I
COM SCI X 418.85C - Java Programming III
COM SCI X 418.88B - JavaScript
COM SCI X 419.39 - Introduction to PHP with MySQL
COM SCI X 457.55B - Using FPGAs in Embedded Systems
COM SCI X 457.56 - Python Programming on the Raspberry Pi
COM SCI XLC 143 - Database Systems
ENGR X 457.55 - Embedded Software I
ENGR X 457.55A - Embedded Software II
ENGR XLC 213 - Data and Business Analytics
Applications Programming
Coding Bootcamp
Embedded Software Development
Java Programming
Mobile Application Development
Web Application Development