ARCH X 406.6 - Residential Remodeling
ARCH X 427.20 - Understanding Building Codes
ARCH X 427.7 - Surface Materials
ARCH X 427.8A - History of Environmental Arts: Part I
ARCH X 427.8B - History of Environmental Arts: Part II
ARCH X 427.8C - History of Environmental Arts: Part III
ARCH X 427.8D - History of Environmental Arts: Part IV
ARCH X 430A - Interior Architecture Studio II
ARCH X 430C - Interior Architecture Studio A
ARCH X 433 - Interior Architecture Studio I
ARCH X 433.11 - 20th Century Furniture
ARCH X 438 - Fundamentals of Interior Architecture
ARCH X 438.13B - Digital Presentation III: Revit Architecture II
ARCH X 443.16 - A Survey of the Decorative Arts
ARCH X 443.40 - Accessories for Residential Interiors
ARCH X 443.45 - Feng Shui for Designers and Architects
ARCH X 452.1 - Color Theory and Application
ARCH X 454A - Elements of Design I
ARCH X 454B - Elements of Design II
ARCH X 461.4 - Furniture Design
ARCH X 466E - Design Communication II
ARCH X 466F - Design Communication III
ARCH X 467.11A - Photographing Architecture and Interiors
ARCH X 467.15 - Lighting Design
ARCH X 467.17A - Design Communication I
ARCH X 467.27B - Interior Detailing and Building Systems
ARCH X 467.55 - The Ecology of Design
ARCH X 468.13A - Digital Presentation II: Revit Architecture I
ARCH X 468.20 - Digital Presentation I: Photoshop/Illustrator
ARCH X 468.5A - Digital Presentation II: 2D CAD/AutoCAD
ARCH X 468.5B - Digital Presentation III: 3D CAD (Using SketchUp, SU Podium, and AutoCAD)
ARCH X 468.6A - SketchUp
ARCH X 468.6B - Advanced SketchUp
ARCH X 471.125 - Concept Driven Design: Visual Seminar and Studio
ARCH X 471.19 - Interior Architecture Studio B
ARCH X 473 - Professional Interior Architecture Internship
ARCH X 497 - Research and Programming Methodologies
ARCH X 497.10 - Interior Design Law I: The Designer-Client Relationship
ARCH X 497.11 - Interior Design Law II: Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, Employment, and Special Topics
ARCH X 497.5 - Business Strategies for Interior Architects
ARCH X 498 - Master's Project Interior Architecture Documents
ARCH X 498.1 - Master's Project Interior Architecture Studio
ARCH X 498.10 - Advanced Portfolio Design and Graphic Storytelling
ARCH X 498.12 - Interior Rendering Techniques Using 3ds Max and V-Ray
ARCH X 498.2 - Project Management for Interior Architects
ARCH X 498.22 - Interior Design in Films
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Design Fundamentals
Design Materials & Methods
Design Studios
History of Design
Home Decorating and Design
Interior Design