COM HLT 889 - Study Skills and Other Key Preparations for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate
COM HLT UL 731 - New Student Orientation: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate
COM HLT X 404.7 - Exercise and Sports Nutrition
COM HLT X 405 - The Impact of Exercise on the Brain
COM HLT X 421.1 - Biomechanics: Analysis of Human Movement
COM HLT X 425 - Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury
COM HLT X 438 - Food, Mood, and Eating Behaviors
COM HLT X 439 - Mindful Eating, Exercise, and Living: The Science and Practice
COM HLT X 440 - Live Healthier Longer: Evidence-based Nutrition
COM HLT X 451.1 - Practical Training for Fitness Instructors
COM HLT X 452 - Resistance Training Fundamentals
COM HLT X 453 - Fitness Testing and Health/Risk Appraisal
COM HLT X 454 - Exercise Prescription, Program Design, and Coaching Techniques
COM HLT X 457.4 - Advanced Athletic Training: Evaluation of Athletic Injuries
COM HLT X 457.5 - Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment of Athletic Injuries
COM HLT X 470.1 - Pharmacological Aspects of Alcohol and Other Drugs
COM HLT X 470.10 - Family Counseling Skills
COM HLT X 470.11 - Supervised Field Work Practicum
COM HLT X 470.12 - Self-Care for Addiction Professionals: Optimizing Health and Wellbeing
COM HLT X 470.3 - Developmental Aspects of Psychology and Addiction
COM HLT X 470.4 - Bringing Recovery to Diverse Populations
COM HLT X 470.5 - Introduction to Counseling and the 12 Core Functions
COM HLT X 470.6 - Law and Ethics for Addiction Professionals
COM HLT X 470.7 - Individual Counseling Skills
COM HLT X 470.8 - Co-Occurring Disorders for Addiction Professionals
COM HLT X 470.9 - Group Counseling Skills
COM HLT X 471 - Addiction Science: Neurobiology, Prevention and Treatment
COM HLT X 480.1 - Introduction to Health Coaching
COM HLT X 480.2 - Integrative Health Coaching
COM HLT X 480.3 - Motivational Interviewing: 12 Core Skills
HLT POL X 407.1 - Fundamentals of the U.S. Health Care System
HLT POL X 407.2 - The Practice of Patient Advocacy
HLT POL X 407.3 - Communication Strategies in the Health Care System
HLT POL X 407.4 - Health Care Law and Legal Issues in Patient Advocacy
HLT POL X 407.5 - Introduction to Health Care Finance: The Advocate's Role
HLT POL X 407.6 - Conflict and Crisis Management
HLT POL X 407.7 - Introduction to Bioethics
HLT POL X 407.8 - Care Planning and Patient Navigation
HLT POL X 440 - Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System
HLT POL X 441 - Introduction to Health Care Financial Management
HLT POL X 443 - Principles of Health Organization Management and Leadership
HLT POL X 444 - Strategy and Marketing for Health Organizations
HLT POL X 446 - Quality Improvement, Performance Management, and Information Technology in Health Care Organizations
HLT POL X 452.1 - Health Information Systems and Technology
MED 700 - UCLA Medical Assistant Program Application Information Session
MED X 410.4 - Medical Terminology II
MED X 411.4 - Pharmacology for Medical Assistants II
MED X 412.4 - Professional Development for Medical Assistants
NURSING X 458.1 - RN First Assistant
NURSING X 459 - Basic Concepts and Skills of Perioperative Nursing for the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
PHYSCI X 400.6 - Human Anatomy and Physiology
PHYSCI X 449 - The Human Body: How It Functions
PHYSCI X 450 - Exercise Physiology
PHYSCI X 451 - Introduction to Human Nutrition
PHYSCI X 452 - Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics
PHYSED UL 712 - Horseback Riding Program
PUB HLT XL 10 - Introduction to Public Health
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Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals
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