An Overview of Green Building and the Real Estate Market

MGMT X 476.90

This highly interactive course covers the key concepts and practices of sustainable building through overviews of green building, LEED certification, and case studies in real estate development and redevelopment projects.


What you can learn.

  • Examine case studies that highlight sustainable building examples in commercial and residential new and rehab projects
  • Assess the sustainability criteria of brownfield and greenfield projects
  • Assess current trends and technological developments in sustainable building

About this course:

This highly interactive course covers the key concepts and practices of sustainable building, including a historical overview of green building. Financial and technical assistance offered through such government entities as the U.S. EPA, nonprofit organizations, and public utilities is explored. An overview of LEED certification is examined and case studies are used to illustrate and examine real estate development and redevelopment projects (residential, commercial, rehabs, and new construction). Environmental planning, brownfields, and greenfield programs of various municipalities; current trends, including technological developments; and the future of green building also are covered.

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