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Course Location Delivery Options Availability
Advanced Database Management Concepts COM SCI X 414.56 Online Available
Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) GEOG XL 170 Online Available
Advanced Structured Query Language (SQL) Syntax COM SCI X 414.65 Online Available
Agile Project Management I MGMT X 418.31C UCLA Extension Lindbrook Center Online , Classroom , Hybrid Available
C++ Fundamentals for Visual Studio .NET COM SCI X 418.735B Online Available
Cisco Networking I COM SCI X 451.100 Online Available
Cisco Networking II COM SCI X 451.101 Online Canceled
CMOS Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Converter Design EC ENGR X 457.58 Online Available
Commercial Contracts: Bidding and Financial Management MGMT X 408.66 Online Available
Compliance MGMT X 442.15 Online Available
Computer System Modeling Fundamentals COM SCI XLC 112 Online Available
Construction Management C&EE X 407.1 UCLA Extension DTLA , UCLA Extension Lindbrook Center Online , Classroom Available