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Course Location Delivery Options Availability
Addiction Science: Neurobiology, Prevention and Treatment COM HLT X 471 Online Available
Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics PHYSCI X 452 Online Available
Biomechanics: Analysis of Human Movement COM HLT X 421.1 Online Available
Care Planning and Patient Navigation HLT POL X 407.8 Online Available
Communication Strategies in the Health Care System HLT POL X 407.3 Online Available
Exercise Physiology PHYSCI X 450 Online Wait List
Health Care Law and Legal Issues in Patient Advocacy HLT POL X 407.4 Online Available
Human Anatomy and Physiology PHYSCI X 400.6 Online Available
Introduction to Bioethics HLT POL X 407.7 Online Available
Introduction to Human Nutrition PHYSCI X 451 Online Available
Motivational Interviewing: 12 Core Skills COM HLT X 480.3 Online Canceled
The Human Body: How It Functions PHYSCI X 449 Online Available