Student Sucess Stories

(main page image by Michael Dooley)

"Michael Miller's Introduction to Digital Photography class taught me the fundamentals of digital photography and allowed me to explore the subject in many creative ways. The assignments given each week were challenging yet fun, and built my knowledge on the functions of a digital camera. I submitted a photo to a Canon student photography contest; it was of my good friend Camilla and was shot in Palos Verdes. It will be published in 'Best of College Photography 2011' in June."

Here is the link to the photo:

 - Lisa Inoue, photography student, 2010

"For the past few years, I have been focusing on creative writing, but wanting to explore other creative outlets. When I saw Kasia's Mixed Media and Collage class in the UCLA Extension course catalog, I was both thrilled and scared. During the first couple of sessions, I was intimidated by the many experienced artists in the class, but then realized that I was there to learn, not to compare myself with others. We started with the reverse transfer process, with photos of hands as the beginning of our projects. Kasia was terrific at taking us through each process step by step.  After the reverse transfer process, she demonstrated tape transfers, how to work with acrylics, how to use oil sticks, different texturing techniques, such as "frottage," oil-based transfers ("poor man's lithography"), triptychs, and still life.

While I was in the midst of her class, I had various projects in process spread out around my home, and one day the daughter of a friend came by and was struck by my works, one in particular, and asked if it was for sale. I hadn't even thought of that, but was delighted to complete it and sell it to her. Several people have offered to buy the green piece with the hands and the peacock feather, but it's also my personal favorite, so I am currently making 3 more similar to it."

 - Elya Braden, fine art student, 2011