We've Moved!

New (temporary) Locations

UCLA Extension has relocated our administrative operations to new spaces in Westwood Village. We’re working hard to ensure that the move causes minimal disruption for students, instructors, and community partners. This page will serve as your resource for details about the move and how you will continue to be supported during the transition.

Where Did We Move?

We are actually moving twice. While work is completed on our long-term locations, staff has been relocated to two short-term spaces at least through Summer 2018.

Short-Term Spaces

  • First Floor Gayley Center at 1145 Gayley Ave.  |  See map
  • Kinross South Building at 11020 Kinross Ave.  |  See map

Long-Term Spaces

  • Second Floor Gayley Center at 1145 Gayley Ave.
  • Sixteenth and Seventeenth Floors of 10960 Wilshire Blvd.

A complete list of UNEX departments and their new temporary locations can be found below.

UNEX Department Current Location
Student and Alumni Services
Career Services Gayley Center
Cashier Office Gayley Center
Disability Services Gayley Center
Enrollment Services Gayley Center
Financial Aid Gayley Center
International Student Office Gayley Center
Student Rights & Responsibilities Center Gayley Center
Academic Program Departments
Arts Kinross South
Business, Management, and Legal Kinross South
Custom Programs/Corporate Education Kinross South
Digital Technology Kinross South
Education Gayley Center & Kinross South
Engineering Kinross South
Humanities and Sciences Kinross South
Administrative Departments
Dean’s Office Kinross South
Facilities Management Kinross South
Human Resources Kinross South
Information Technology Services Gayley Center
Instructional Design and Learning Support Gayley Center
Marketing Kinross South

Will there be changes to other UCLA Extension locations in Westwood?

Our locations at 1010 Westwood Blvd. and 10920 Lindbrook Drive will remain open.

Are there other changes you need to anticipate?

  • UCLA Extension phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.
  • Our mailing address will not change while we are in our short-term spaces.
  • Classes previously scheduled in UNEX Admin Building classrooms have been relocated. Specific information about classroom locations have sent to students enrolled in the classes that moved.


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