Breaking into Writing for Children


Explore how to break in to writing for young readers in this seminar giving you a good foundation in what kids want and need at various age levels.


What you can learn.

  • Learn about the different kinds of books for different age levels
  • Learn how to research trends in publishing to understand the market
  • Understand how to keep your books relevant for young readers
  • Get insight how to best leave an impression on the next generation of readers

About this course:

There’s no question, children’s publishing is very writer friendly. From the carefully constructed simplicity of Board Books and Picture Books, through Easy Reads and Chapter Books on to Middle Grade, Young Adult and New Adult, the writer has many options. Start with the age range where you feel most comfortable and explore other genres at will. Of course, at any given time, there are “trends”—and it pays to research them, explore them, and write to them so as to be viable in the marketplace. Crafting books for children will also keep you honest as a writer. At any age, kids are highly inquisitive and very perceptive; one false note in your manuscript and they will pick it up. In this three hour seminar, we explore how to find your way in to writing for kids, examine different types of children’s writing, and celebrate your mission to leave an impression upon today’s youngest readers.

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