Creating the Half-Hour Television Pilot


Learn to create a successful sitcom in this intensive workshop exploring how to craft powerful half-hour pilots for television.


What you can learn.

  • Refine your story idea into a funny, compelling world that can generate 100 episodes
  • Build an outline that reflects your own comic sensibility
  • Learn how to refresh comedy for today’s audiences and markets
  • Read and respond to work of other writers in class

About this course:

Today, you need that original half-hour pilot script in your portfolio to break into the business of writing television comedy. In this lively workshop, discover the ingredients you need to create great sitcoms, learn contemporary techniques to give comic conventions a fresh feel, and then set about turning your pilot concept into a show that has the "legs" to last five years. In a professional writing room atmosphere, find and select the ideas to build that outline and unearth the unique ingredients you bring to the mix: your own comic sensibility, your experience, your creative inspiration, your cousin who runs the network. Okay, not everyone has a useful cousin, but you leave the workshop with a solid outline and encouragement to write the script that might be your ticket into the business of writing half-hour shows.

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