Creative Flow: Writing & Yoga

Tap into the secrets of the creative mind through yoga and meditation techniques designed to unlock your subconscious and release new ideas.

What you can learn.

  • Practice yoga and meditation techniques like breath control and visualization
  • Identify the connection between creativity and your physical and mental well being
  • Share works in progress developed through course techniques

About this course:

Between the breath—that pause between the inhale and exhale—is our still center. This is the creative mind, where words and images dwell. When writers gain access to this core, they contact the original mind and their work becomes charged with heat, energy, emotions, and naked truth. This course helps you focus and gain access to the wide open spaces of your own inner being and arm you with techniques as sharp as swords to allow your own voice to spill onto the page. You examine disciplines like breath control, meditation, intention, ahimsa, visualization, mindless activities, and physical disciplines, like yoga asanas and Thich Nhat Hanh's walking meditation. You experiment with these various spiritual tools, discuss obstacles in a supportive milieu, design your own daily practice, and post work in any genre along the way. Designed for students with some background in yoga or another physical discipline and interest in Indian philosophy. Featuring podcasts and video clips exploring practical ways to shift into stillness prior to writing.

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