Diversity Plus


Expand the horizon of your storytelling by learning about global traditions and approaches to narrative.


What you can learn.

  • Encounter non-Western forms of storytelling whose techniques can enrich your work
  • Develop a reading and viewing list that will continue your learning after class ends
  • Explore books, films, and other media that expand your understanding of storytelling forms
  • Understand how diverse storytelling can go beyond character identity and into understanding ideas from other cultures and traditions

About this course:

Conversations about diversity in the arts today focus almost exclusively on the identities of the characters and the creators. However, diversity can and should also include different story forms and themes drawn from diverse traditions. This course serves as an introduction to teach students how to read and analyze stories using forms and themes from non-European/Western cultures, using case studies from books, films, and other mediums, and in-class exercises and games. The course seeks to build awareness of how elements that we consider staples of European/Western storytelling, such as the three-act story structure, the empowerment arc, and individual heroism, are not universal across all cultures. Students complete the course with a basic understanding of several other ways to tell satisfying stories drawn from non-European/Western traditions and a reading and viewing list to help them understand storytelling more globally, as a foundation for how to explore diversity in their own writing that goes beyond including diverse characters.

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