First Aid Clinic for Novel Drafts


Bring order out of chaos when you articulate all your impulses, ideas, and innovations for your novel into a coherent proposal guiding you to finish the next draft.


What you can learn.

  • Solidfy your ideas into concrete storytelling terms that serve as a guide for writing
  • Discover the relationship between plot, character, and theme in your work
  • Identify the pace of your story and highlight opportunities to increase suspense
  • Develop a novel proposal that will guide you to completion and would be suitable for sharing with agents and publishers

About this course:

Are there snippets of scenes playing in your head? Is your mind filled with intriguing ideas, possible plot lines, and characters waiting to be born? Or have you already been writing scenes and find yourself bogged down in the quagmire of decisions you have to make? The difference between a published and an unpublished novel usually comes down to structure. This course takes you through the process of putting all these feelings, thoughts, and plans into concrete storytelling terms, all in the context of a framework that delivers a riveting tale with texture and depth. We examine how the elements of theme, high concept, character planning, and character goals influence your novel's plot and subplot, as well as how to balance research and backstory by graphing its framework to create a visual representation of pace and suspense. The course goal is to have in hand a novel proposal, which includes a synopsis of the plot, a cast of characters, notes on high concept and theme, a query letter for marketing the work, and your opening scene. The novel proposal, geared for literary, mainstream, and genre fiction, is a wonderful tool for clarifying the novel process and eventually marketing the work to agents and publishers.

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