Flash Forward: Writing Microfiction and Nonfiction


Learn to write prose of 500-1,000 words in this workshop focused on condensing story down to its most essential and memorable parts.


What you can learn.

  • Respond to prompts to help you develop short pieces that offer great impact to readers
  • Read examples of published works to identify techniques to improve your own writing
  • Learn about publishing opportunities for flash fiction and nonfiction

About this course:

It should come as no surprise that in our fast-paced, Twitter-dominated society, micro stories/flash essays/short-shorts are in demand by publishers. For creative writers, flash prose is often a rewarding form to write. Generally under 1,000 words, and often under 500, flash prose pieces can provide a welcome break from longer projects while keeping our writing muscles active. In addition, producing material appropriate for publication in a relatively short time can foster a sense of tangible accomplishment. In this workshop, you learn how to craft short prose (nonfiction and/or fiction) for maximum effect through the use of helpful prompts, exchange critiques to help you polish your flash stories and essays for potential publication, and read examples of effective flash prose for class discussion about the craft elements that make them successful. Expect to produce several flash stories and/or essays in this class and to have a lot of fun!

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