How to Write a Million-Dollar Proposal: A Two-Saturday Workshop


Get concrete, step-by-step advice for crafting a book proposal that sells from an industry insider with extensive experience.


What you can learn.

  • Learn the seven-step formula to crafting a winning proposal
  • Understand what agents respond to and how to approach them
  • Examine successful proposals by first-time authors
  • Develop an understanding of how the publishing industry works and where you will fit in it
  • Polish your perfect pitch package or prepare to self-publish successfully

About this course:

Whether you're in the midst of penning a personal narrative, a how-to, or a treatise on your area of expertise, you need a book proposal to get in the door at any traditional publisher. This interactive workshop connects you with one of the industry's top insiders, who's never written a proposal that hasn't sold, and gives you everything you need to know to take your idea to the next level. Topics include the seven-step magic formula to crafting winning proposals, what agents respond to, and what you need to approach them; a peek into million-dollar proposals by first-time authors; the how-tos of building a provocative table of contents and creating the right "architecture" for a book that keeps readers wanting more; the secrets to selling yourself and developing a compelling marketing plan; and whether or not independent (self) publishing is the way to go for you. By the end of the course, you understand the inner workings of the publishing industry and know exactly where your potential stands, with all of the materials you need in draft form to move forward. For some, this means polishing your perfect pitch package and submitting it to an agent or publisher; for others, this entails positioning yourself to self-publish successfully.

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