Hybrid and Cross-Genre Poetics


Enhance your writing in any genre by learning to incorporate techniques of poetry, helping you discover untapped creativity in your own work.


What you can learn.

  • Study hybrid texts and poetics to diversify your writing tool belt
  • Complete readings and discussions that deepen your understanding of craft
  • Learn to experiment and take risks to push the boundaries of your creativity
  • Develop a portfolio of innovative works you can revise and expand
  • Evolve your writing voice and stretch your imagination to its limits

About this course:

Techniques of poetry are ubiquitous in advertising and popular music, and professional writers across genres attest to poetry’s utility for sharpening one’s skills—for reasons not unlike why football players study ballet. Through an exploration of hybrid poetics, students strengthen and diversify their toolbelt of creative techniques. Students develop new ways to explore and cultivate their creativity through readings, discussions, experiments, and creation of new work in a variety of hybrid forms, blending poetry with other forms of literary art, as well as with visual and performing arts. Writers from all genres and backgrounds welcome. Students leave the course with a portfolio of hybrid poetic works and a deeper understanding of the ways in which hybridity can broaden a writer’s audience and evolve their voice and imagination.

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