The Joy of Writing: A Six-Week Workshop in Creativity


Dive deep into the creative process in this workshop devoted to helping you fall in love with the act of writing.


What you can learn.

  • Study the creative processes of writing and develop positive habits
  • Discover how to develop realistic characters and generate meaningful conflict
  • Respond to in-class exercises and assignment prompts to help you go deeper
  • Learn to combine real life experiences with your imagination

About this course:

Too often writers value the completion of a new work over the process itself. In this intensive workshop, you study and celebrate the creative process of writing through a series of weekly and in-class writing exercises. From the development of three-dimensional characters to the importance of conflict and objective, you draw from both personal life experience and pure imagination to find the stories that mean the most to you. The final goal of the workshop is a greater understanding of the craft of writing and the essential tools necessary to take your work to the next level.

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