Master Class in Writing the Young Adult Novel


Analyze, refine, revise, and polish the draft of your young adult novel in this intensive, focused workshop for advanced students


What you can learn.

  • Study the elements of young adult novels, including plot, character, setting, and voice
  • Complete weekly exercises and discussions to deepen your understanding of your book
  • Give and get feedback on your manuscript from peers
  • Leave class with a polished, complete manuscript suitable for agent submissions

About this course:

The young adult novel is one of the fastest-growing and exciting genres in publishing today. With complex young characters, realistic dialogue, and gripping prose, readers young and old can't get enough of these books. This Master Class in the Young Adult Novel offers both an online and low-residency component for students with serious commitments to revising and polishing their novels for publication. During the 16-class online component, students experience focused individual instruction in a supportive but challenging environment. They study the elements of a YA novel's plot, character, language, setting, and voice through lectures, discussions, manuscript peer critiques, and generative writing exercises. One-on-one instruction is also an important aspect of this program. The four-day residency in Los Angeles builds community through irreplaceable in-person bonding and provides workshops, seminars and guest lectures, all culminating in a literary field trip and possible public reading. You leave the class with a completed manuscript that stays true to your unique vision but also features the very best input from a professional novelist and your like-minded peers. Upon course completion, excerpts from this novel are submitted to an established agent for review and consideration.

Contact Us

Speak to a program representative. Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.

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