One Idea–Many Possibilities


Find the form and genre your story should take in this workshop guiding you to think outside your routine and discover untapped resources within.


What you can learn.

  • Learn how forms and genres present unique storytelling opportunities
  • Experiment with a genre new to you in a supportive environment
  • Give and receive feedback on story ideas and drafts
  • Identify a powerful story you can tell and how you can make it resonate

About this course:

This workshop explores how to situate your story idea into its most powerful form. If you’ve always gravitated toward writing novels or short stories, screenplays or poems, you are encouraged to explore new territory and new fields of writing. Whether your subject is a locket your grandmother gave you, an adventure you had when you were a teenager, one of your life’s accomplishments, or a disaster, everything makes for compelling writing. We work together to decide how to tell your story, whether memoir, screenplay, stage play, short story, song lyrics, or an opera! You are encouraged to experiment with a new genre, and together, we’ll get the story moving!

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