Romance Writing I


Start writing your romance novel in this introductory course covering plot, structure, and industry guidelines.

Starting at $695.00
As few as 10 weeks

What you can learn.

  • Learn fundamental skills for writing compelling romance novels in a variety of subgenres
  • Understand the current market for romance novels and how your work can fit in
  • Study published works to identify what makes romance writing irresistible and powerful
  • Create a plan for your own romance novel you can continue writing in the second class in this sequence

About this course:

Romance novels generate just over one billion dollars in sales revenue annually in the United States. With online platforms allowing authors to learn to write better, find compatible publishers or publishing options, and market the work product, there has never been a more welcoming climate for romance writers. Whether you're an aspiring author interested in learning the basics of writing a romance or an experienced writer looking to refine your craft, Romance Writing I provides students with the fundamental skills necessary to write a romance novel. By studying samples from the genre and craft essentials specific to the genre, students understand the building blocks of the romance novel and create a "build out" for their own romance novel in the first of this two-course sequence.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Available Format(s):

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Instructor: Jeanne De Vita
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Enrollment limited to 15 students. Internet access required.

Refund Deadline
No refunds after July 15, 2020
Course Requirements
(Optional) Book: got style?: A Fiction Writer's Companion by Helen Hardt

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