Smart Strategies for Successful Writers


Learn to break through writer’s block and get to the heart of what inspires you to write.


What you can learn.

  • Identify your personal writing blocks
  • Experiment with strategies and methods that help you break through blocks
  • Develop a personal plan tailored to address your personal writing needs and goals
  • Develop new work in response to class activities and prompts

About this course:

Most writers have no problem describing what they are working on: a novel, a screenplay, a memoir, personal essay, or poem. And yet many writers struggle to complete their work successfully. We lose our way, most often due to that insidious multi-headed entity: Resistance. Procrastination. Writer’s Block. The Brain Bully. No matter what you call it, it does the same thing: stops you from finishing your work to your own satisfaction. Just when your imagination ignites, The Insidious Thing renders you either silent or too afraid to move on. Almost every creative person confronts The Thing—but some people seem to have a secret weapon for combatting it. The good news? There is no secret weapon! There are simple techniques you can easily learn. In Smart Strategies for Successful Writers, you explore a variety of practices that offer concrete ways to escape the insidious voice that derails the creative process. You examine methods used by well-known writers and develop your own unique protocol that allow you to achieve optimum success with your work. This workshop is suitable for writers across genres (fiction; poetry; non-fiction; screenplay.) You have ample opportunity to experiment with new work and to move forward with your own work-in-progress. Dress comfortably and carry an open mind.

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